About ME

My grandmother has considered me an "artist" ever since I unexpectedly won a public art contest at the age of 11. Subsequently, I pursued visual arts at the Orange County School of the Arts in Southern California. Then, I decided to move to the UK for my undergraduate degree at King College London. I chose a Film Studies BA because if a picture is worth 1,000 words then at 24 frames per second, a 90-minute film is worth over 129 million words. And in my opinion, film is the art form that most shaped the 20st century. Now, I work within the media and communications industry with a focus on emerging technology and corporate partnerships.

I was born in Sofia, Bulgaria, but immigrated to the United States after my father won the green card lottery. This website was originally started in 2005 when my Dad purchased the "villyfriends.com" domain for my 13th birthday. (Can you tell he is a software engineer?). It started as a way for me to communicate my creative endeavors to my extended family in Bulgaria. Now as a working professional that spends most of her time in Excel, I still use my website and blog to share my hobbies in hopes of inspiring others around the world to fearlessly pursue self-expression. WARNING: My art contains design errors, spelling mistakes, rough outlines, fleeting thoughts, and the raw material of my everyday existence.

Some of my other hobbies include:

  • Figure Drawing: What started out as a high school requirement turned into a favorite past time that instantly de-stresses my day.
  • Traveling: In the last 8 years, I've lived in London, Sofia, California, and Paris. But I'm keen to explore Asia and Australia.
  • Nutrition and Fitness: I have completed 2 marathons and love maintaining a healthy lifestyle (bring on the chia seeds, kale, and red lentils).
  • Technology: From my first Withings watch to my Fit Bit heart rate monitor, I love exploring the emerging wearables and IoT industry.
  • Caffeine: My friends call me the TripAdvisor of coffee shops in London.
  • Photography: I have a collection of cameras -Nikon DSLR, GoPro, Fuji Instax and traditional black and white film.
  • Ballroom Dancing: I used to attend salsa and swing conferences around the West Coast of the USA and competed for University of London in the UK.